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Awaken Your Voice

A 10-week singing mentorship for vocal liberation 
with Hanna Leigh
(and special guests)

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2 spaces available for Spring 2022

Are you ready to connect with the

pure medicine

of your unique voice?


Join me for a 10-week journey to bring through the songs within you that are longing to be sung...



This Mentorship Is for You If

 You can feel that your voice has medicine, yet haven’t known how to access it more clearly and consistently.

 You feel called to bring your singing voice into your personal and/or professional life. 

You want to channel/write your first songs  -or- receive guidance in polishing ones you've already received in order to share them with others.


You want a safe and supportive container to hold you in the joys and vulnerabilities of opening your voice.


You're interested to hear intimate stories from other women musicians about their own journeys, as well as specific vocal techniques and meditations they work with.

Your inner-knowing tells you that opening your voice is an important part of your growth, wellbeing and service



** As a note, this Mentorship is for those of you who feel that you’ve barely opened to the potential of your singing voice -or- those who are already firmly on the path of song -or- anywhere in between. ** 


Imagine yourself after our ten weeks together…


⇻ You feel more rooted in the power and beauty of your voice and more confident to share songs. 

⇻ You have learned a variety of vocal tools and exercises, having found ones that work for you. 

⇻ You feel well-equipped and inspired to continue your path of bringing through the music within you.

⇻ You have learned several new medicinal songs to add to your growing songbook. 

⇻ You have channeled/written songs that are medicine for your life and those around you.

⇻ You have reconnected with the natural joy of singing!


What People Are Saying:



Through this mentorship, I have grown with my singing voice in the courage to share songs in groups, record music in collaboration with others, improvise songs with friends in the moment, co-create a retreat to continue opening my voice (even through feelings of terror), grow my capacity to hear songs in nature and develop an increased awareness of how to send vibration into my body as a healing force. 

The Whatsapp connection in between sessions built rapport between us, creating intimacy and a safe container which allowed me to share vulnerable songs and make sounds without the fear of judgment.

I'm so grateful for all that came through in the singing mentorship with Hanna Leigh. This experience was truly more than I could have imagined.


-Kara Morton, Massage Therapist and Acupuncturist, CA


*UPDATE:  Since our mentorship where Kara began bringing through her first songs, she has since released her first album, Honey Queen, on Spotify!

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I used to have a lot of fear and shame around my singing voice and Hanna Leigh has helped me to finally let go of my past limiting beliefs. She provides a very fun, inviting, and safe space for me to be vulnerable and just go for it. I am grateful for the care and energy she shows up with in every session. I feel her passion for her work and her compassion for my journey.


-Mark Gregory, Founder of Donate Yoga, Hawaii


The Mentorship Package Includes

One, 75-minute, 1:1 Opening Ritual Session

 Seven, 60-minute, 1:1 Mentoring Sessions

 Weekday access to me throughout the ten weeks through the app of our choice (a place to share what is emerging in your process and support accountability)

 Personalized curriculum of weekly explorations/assignments to meet your goals and desires

 Recordings and lyrics of newly-learned songs sent to you

 Plus three additional, recorded workshops with these musically-blossomed women:


Screen Shot 2021-01-25 at 10.45.05

Private Mentorship costs $2200
(Payment plans available and a few limited spaces for partial trade agreements)

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Working privately with Hanna sincerely changed my life. I highly highly recommend you take this opportunity as she is an absolute angel! Ever since we did the mentorship together I have experienced so much more joy and love in my life by opening up my voice and my yoni as I learn to deeply appreciate my gifts and all the gifts that come from singing!

I find myself offering song a lot more in my coaching sessions with clients also, which they love. 


Natalie Kwait, Intuitive and Empowerment Coach, @natalie_kwait

"Talking is the voice of human, 
singing is the voice of soul."
~Clarissa Pinkola Estes

I fully enjoyed the safe container that Hanna Leigh created for me to express my voice and awaken my inner song. 

I have always loved to sing but with that came a fear of singing aloud for others. This was one of my main things I wanted to bust through during this mentorship, and I’m happy to report that my confidence in my voice has skyrocketed. I now share my voice and my songs with no hesitation. 

The healing power of the frequency and vibration of our own voice is untapped potential for many, and now, thanks to this mentorship, it's a powerful tool that I use every day. 

Hanna Leigh is genuine and heart-led. I felt incredibly safe and held the entire time. She encouraged me and got me out of my comfort zone. She’s also funny and was a complete joy to get to know. I loved the entire process so much that after the first round of mentorship, I immediately signed up another! 

- Mary Grace, Self Love Coach, @selflovemedicine



I'm Hanna Leigh!

I began offering singing mentorships for a few reasons. One is that I have found some of my deepest, most blissful pleasure, and union with the Divine through the act of singing....a gift beyond words. It became clear that I wanted to inspire others to access these profound states of connection and open-hearted joy.

My musical journey started as a child singing worship music in church. I remember feeling so connected to God through singing. Since those younger days, I've gone on to become a leader of group song circles at various festivals and small gatherings, served for 9+ years with my music in various forms of healing ceremonies, and co-created two musical albums & a recent single, (listen here).

So, back to my story about what inspired me to begin teaching in this way...

Another reason I began mentoring is that people kept coming to me and asking for help to open their voices, and I noticed many themes emerging from what they would share. I witnessed that a lot of people carry trauma and blockages around their voices. Oftentimes they received negative remarks from someone that caused the voice to shut down and go into hiding. (It's amazing how well people can remember the person and place when these traumatic events happened). Or perhaps they simply always had the false idea that they weren't "singers".

I've also witnessed that many people have a deep longing to open to the beauty of their feel the freedom of this expression. Even as I type this, I can feel a fluttery energy of longing in my own belly...and it's a beautiful thing. This longing, I believe, is Life beckoning us forward (and calling us present here!) into greater freedom and expansion...through the boxes of smallness we have created through fear and doubt, and into whole new terrains of creative expression.
I know that singing can lead us gently into these new terrains. I also know the value of being witnessed and guided in our process. It can be messy, weird, ugly, vulnerable...and glorious!

Your body is the guide, and I will help you to connect with this innate wisdom.

Open into your longing. Follow the calling; the inner-prompting.
Click the "LET'S CHAT" button to schedule a 20-minute call with me. We'll tune-in together to see if this mentorship is just the medicine you need right now for your voice, and your life, to open and emerge.

Hanna Leigh music

In Service to Your Opening!


Song more naturally flows through me after completing this mentorship with Hanna Leigh. I am learning to sing for myself rather than for others. It is such a helpful way to connect to Presence rather than continuing with the loops playing through my head. I see using my voice as a helpful technology rather than a performance. 


In each mentorship call, I never knew what to expect, but I felt that however I showed up (usually like a hot mess), I would be met with loving compassion and skillful guidance. Hanna Leigh showed me how to use my voice to dive in, express and even transmute whatever I was wading through. She has the right balance between structure of exercises and free form flow.


- Catheryne Harsh, Author, Montana

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