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Herbs for theVoice 

2-Hour Online Workshop with Laura Madeline & Hanna Leigh

Wednesday June 5th, 2024
11am - 1pm PDT / 2 - 4pm EDT / 7 - 9pm BST

$44 to Register

Why Herbs for the Voice?

Since time immemorial humans have been connected to herbal medicine.

We’ve been working with herbs to open ourselves to life more fully.

Through our voice, our dreams, our womb, our hearts...


Chewing roots to open the throat chakra and express yourself through sound. Drinking herbal tea to open your heart & mind and connect you more deeply with your true nature. Taking tinctures before bed to open the way for messages and songs to find you in your dreamtime…

Our herbal allies want us to thrive.

They want us to connect to our ancestors, our wild voices and remember who we are.

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IMG_4458 (1).HEIC

Join Hanna Leigh & Laura Madeline for a journey into the essence of your true and wild voice with the support of our herbal allies.

Do you know that there are herbs that literally support you in speaking your truth, or sustaining your voice for longer stretches of time while singing or speaking? 

Come and connect with these precious and powerful herbal allies that can help to: 

•⁠  ⁠Increase the vitality of your creative expression while soothing your nervous system
•⁠  ⁠Soothe strained vocal cords or sore throats caused by singing or speaking
•⁠  ⁠Support respiratory immunity (and therefore the breath!)
•⁠  ⁠Lubricate the upper respiratory system and clear the sinus passages

There is support here in connecting your heart to your voice, in order to speak your truth and sing the world anew!

Wow...How amazing are our herbal allies!(And we thought they were only to be taken when sick)They also support us in opening fully to life!

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What's Included:

🌿 Foundational & fun vocal exercises to connect you with the natural beauty of your voice, including learning a plant invocation song!

🌿 Education on herbal allies to:

🌼 Support your creative expression and allow you to share the wisdom that you came here to give voice to
🌼 Utilize in your singing / chanting / sounding practice
🌼 Drop-dose before speaking your hearts needs and desires from a grounded and centered place
🌼 ⁠Pack in your bag for your summer music festivals or song gatherings

🌿 A handout including resources, recipes and guidance to deepen your connection with Herbs for the Voice

Your Guides

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Laura Madeline

Laura is a rootsy herbalist and nurse who is passionate about food as medicine, herbs as allies and connection as guidance which nourishes mind, body, soul, spirit and the Earth. Her offerings weave the traditions of Western Herbalism, Bioregional Ayurveda, Traditional Innate Postpartum Care and the wisdom of the plants. She is the creatrix of Backyard Harvest, which creates herbal remedies based on the inspiration of the season and the abundance of the harvests! 

This path of Earth Based Medicines and Remembering my Connection to my Ancestors that carried this plant wisdom in their bones has been a huge part of my own healing journey and I believe is it our birthright as humans to remember our connection to our heart and to the Earth and to have access to local food, supportive community and holistic health care.  My Why is to spark that remembering from deep within of who we are.  

IG: @backyardharvestsolutions

Hanna Leigh is a singer-songwriter, community song-circle leader, voice doula, ritualist and weaver. She is the Founder of an organization called Weaving Remembrance, which aims to connect people with their inherent belonging to earth & ancestral wisdom. The organization is currently focused on bringing together culture-bearers from around Europe who are keepers of the old songs, stories and crafts.


She loves to connect folks with the transformational tool of their own wild singing voices, and to bring singing into our lives as a necessary nutrient of being human. She facilitates Wild Song Retreats and workshops throughout the States and Europe, as well as organizing ancestral pilgrimages, all focused on reconnecting us with our inherent wildness and belonging.

IG: @hannaleighsong


Hanna Leigh

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will this workshop be recorded?​​

YES! The live workshop will be recorded and those who have registered will receive the recording after the call.

2. What is the refund policy?

Because of the nature of the live workshop, no refunds will be available.

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