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Blessings to you in this moment of your human journey, as you read these words. 

My full name is Hanna Leigh Van Tatenhove (and I like to go by the first two, pronounced "Hah-nah-LAY"). My known ancestors migrated to the U.S. many generations ago from Scotland, England, Norway, Germany, and the Netherlands. 

Growing up in California (Chumash territory), I have also been blessed to make homes in Oregon (Wasco & Multnomah Territory) and in Maui, Hawaii (land of the Kānaka Maoli and the legendary people of Mu).

I am currently on an extended ancestral pilgrimage in the British Isles, having traveled here to connect with the stones and wisdom of these lands.

Since my early 20s, I've walked an unconventional path that has brought me into many diverse spiritual studies and many diverse jobs, including:

Kundalini yoga teacher, massage therapist (specializing in abdominal and pelvic work), birth and postpartum doula, organic farmer, and touring name a few!

Two threads that have stayed consistent along my journey are my love for singing and my devotion to the earth.

I am ever-humbled and enthralled with the magic of singing. For me it is so much more than singing...for me, it is a way to bring awareness to what is inside me. When I hear myself sing, I can better understand what is moving in me. It's a way to weave thought and emotion, to bring myself into present-time in my body.

I am devoted to singing the praises of this life, and the complexities of this human experience, to giving sound and song to the ineffable beauty of Nature herself, and ultimately, to being a vessel for the great repair and healing that is happening right now on Earth.

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