Blessings to you in this moment of your human journey, as you read these words. 

My given name is Hanna Leigh, which I pronounce "Hah-nah-lay". In my heart I am a mystic and lover of Life, fascinated by the paradoxes of this embodiment on earth. Through my journey, I have come to find that sacred song and healing touch are two ways that my personal medicine is expressed in this world, in service to thriving life on this planet.
My journey with my voice:
I grew up with the blessing of singing in church. By junior high, I had joined the church band, singing and playing guitar. I continued to play in worship bands throughout my college years. Through these experiences, I began to learn the art of utilizing music as a way to bring people into an experience of worship and communion with a Higher Power. 
I am ever humbled and enthralled with the magic of singing. For me it is so much more than singing...for me it is a way to bring awareness to what is inside me. When I hear myself sing, I can better understand what is moving in me. It's a way to weave thought and emotion, to bring myself into present-time in my body. In my solo practice time, singing is often a tool to find my way to my heart, and to dip into the well of wisdom that resides in the center. (And as a side note, healing sound does not have to sound "good".)
I am devoted to singing the praises of this life, and the complexities of this human experience, to giving sound and song to the ineffable beauty of Nature herself, and ultimately, to being a vessel for the great repair and healing that is happening right now on Earth.

My path with bodywork:

I have been giving massage since childhood, when my family would pay me to rub their shoulders, and went on to study at the International Professional School of Bodywork in 2007/2008. On the Healing Touch page under Offerings, you'll see a few of the modalities that I practice. While I am so incredibly grateful for the years of technical training, when I simplify things, it is this -- I trust my hands. It is an honor to hold a space of presence for others on the massage table, whether it be a womb-healing session, a deep tissue massage with vocal sound-healing woven in, or an internal Holistic Pelvic Care™ session.

If you feel that I have medicine for you, take a look at my offerings and reach out.
We're in this together.