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Song Talisman

» Your own personalized medicine song «

Sacred songs help us to vibrate to a new reality.
They help heal, transform and assist us in remembering who we are.
This unique offering is a chance to receive your own personalized medicine song. 

How it Works

» First, we set up a "Song-Retrieval Session", which is a prayerfully-held space for deep and inquisitive conversation; here we are courting the Muse. 

With curiosity, compassion and confidentiality, I listen to what is most alive in your heart, body and life.

Within this safe space you're invited to share challenges you are seeking to overcome, things you'd like to transform within yourself, and life experiences you are feeling called to grow into.

As I listen, I take notes and tune into the energetics of your sharing...listening for the particular place that is most needing medicine and desiring to evolve.


I also may ask you seemly random questions about colors, animals, your relationship to music, etc.


After we complete our call, I sit down with the notes and open up a space of listening, to receive and craft a song for you.

» This is your "SONG TALISMAN" -- a magical tune that you carry around with you as you would a special object in your pocket, that you can take out whenever you need or desire.

This is a mantra created as medicine for you at this particular stage of your life--vibrational medicine that helps to uplift and upgrade you.


It may come as just a few lines (simpler is sometimes better!), or it may come through with fuller verses. We'll trust in the process; trust in what comes through.

The instructions are to SING this song as often as you feel throughout your days. You could bring your "SONG TALISMAN" into your morning meditation or prayer practice, or sing it before you go to bed, or as you drive your car, or in the shower, etc. It's here to support your journey. 

» Once the Song Talisman is complete (which can take from 3-5 weeks), we will meet for a follow-up call where I teach you the song, and offer vocal embodiment tips if desired.

Song Talisman Testimonials:

Screenshot 2024-05-23 at 5.21.17 PM.png

"When I felt in my soul that I needed to unleash sounds from deep within me, but had no idea how, Hanna Leigh entered my field. 🙏🏽

The shame that I’ve alchemized by activating my voice has reverberated back generations in my motherline, I know this to be true.

Hanna Leigh is a wisdom keeper of many lineages and [I was] blessed to sing in and with her loving embrace.

This is my Song Talisman. 🌕 Channeled by Hanna Leigh over one lunar cycle. 🐺🎵


When she first sang it for me, I wept with the beauty of her sound and the poignancy of a remembrance of how sound can feel in my body. ❤️🎶


I thought, I’ll never be able to sing or remember that. Then she taught it to me in an hour.


I practiced for hours afterward, and over the days it has come to feel more at home in my body."

- Kelly Brogan, M.D.

Listen to Kelly sharing her Song Talisman on Instagram HERE

Screen Shot 2019-08-11 at 5.52.02 PM.png

Bethany Wilde,

Holistic Women's Health  

        "My song retrieval session with Hanna was so nurturing, healing and soulful. Hanna listened with deep presence, intuiting the threads of my story to weave together a song. Sharing my story with her, I felt held in sisterhood, sacred space and healing acknowledgement of my journey. I felt the power of what would come as she described meditating on my story to receive and bring together the song threads just for me.

When we met together for Hanna to sing my song, I immediately felt the resonance in my heart and in my bones. It was a song both from another world and also deeply from the Earth. I felt the energy of my spirit guides within the music.

Hanna's open connection to her muse inspiration, her soulful presence and wise woman energy come together to form a potent combination. I recommend anyone in a time of transition receive this blessing of song from a woman who is truly gifted. Thank you so much for creating a song that I will hold close to my heart forever; as the song that reminds me of my strength, my soul and the threads that tie me in with all women that have walked this path." 

The precious song, "La Loba", which was channeled during this session with Bethany Wilde, has become a popular one amongst song circles worldwide. You can see a clip of me teaching it at a women's gathering HERE!

A Story of a "Song Talisman" Magical Meet-Up:

A main quality that had come through in Nate Stein's initial "Song Retrieval" session was the feeling of serene water. As his Song Talisman was coming to completion, it aligned for us to be physically in the same place at the same time. I was delighted to sing the song with and for him in person, amidst the company of this serene water in Port Townsend, Washington. 

Check out Nate's music: EQUANIMOUS

The Song Talisman Package Includes: 
» Song Retrieval Session: 1 hour
» Your Song Talisman Audio and Video Recordings
» Follow-Up Transmission and Vocal Coaching/Activation Session: 1 hour

Investment: $1200
(Or 3 payments of $400)
Email me for payment instructions & to book your first session:


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