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Autumn Equinox Pilgrimage

A 13-day women’s journey

through ancient lands of song, stone, and remembrance

September 20th - October 2nd, 2022

Have you felt the call to explore the beauty and mystery of these sacred lands? 

To commune with the ancient stones and healing waters?

To listen to the songs that are whispering on the wind?

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Join Hanna Leigh and Lana Lanaia on a sacred pilgrimage through gorgeous and mystical landscapes of Scotland.


At the heart of this journey is the simple call to be with the land. 

As we journey together within a container of nourishing and joyful sisterhood, we will create space to listen and commune with the stones, the trees and the waters -- to dance, to sing, and to enjoy this process of receiving the wisdom and remembrance that awaits us... 

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Na Gearannan Blackhouse, where we'll be staying on the Isle of Lewis

What's Included:

~ 12 nights accommodations

~ Transportation costs throughout Scotland

~ 2-3 healthy meals per day

~ Song circles and sound healing sessions

~ Weaving and crafting class 

~ Organically arising rituals with the land

~ Movement and breathwork practices

~ Local plant walk and local foods

~ Airport pick-up

Not included:

- Travel or health insurance

- Flight to Edinburgh 

- A few optional restaurant meals

- Optional extra nights in Edinburgh 

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The Scottish Crannog Centre that holds crafting classes

Places We’ll Visit:

- Historically rich and beautiful Loch Tay and surrounding areas, including a waterfall hike, Fionn’s rock, crafting circle at the Scottish Crannog Center, and ancient trees

- The magical Isle of Skye, with the Fairy Glen and more

- Ferry trip to Isle of Lewis, staying in an ancient stone village by the sea, and journeying to the Callanish stone circle...truly a powerful place to make a pilgrimage 

- Inverness and the Clava Cairns, a 4,000 year old stone burial ground

- And many other epic sites along the way, as we joyfully travel in a minibus together, receiving the beauty of the landscape

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Discover the pure beauty and magic of these holy lands.

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Our Guides:

We are blessed to be guided through these landscapes by Lana Lanaia (Daniela Lanaia), who lives in the Scottish Highlands, in deep connection to the land and the stones. She is a sound healer, biodynamic gardener and the lead singer of Anima. For over 20 years she has been immersed on a journey into ancient wisdom and healing paths.  She shares sound, song and ways of living in harmony with the earth, through her concerts, workshops, and retreats.

Lana will be the steady and courageous driver of our mini-bus, plus supporting in the facilitation of organic ritual, song-weaving, deep listening practices, and more.

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Hanna Leigh is a  Singer-Songwriter, Doula, Vocal Embodiment Guide, and Devotee of this precious living Earth. Raised in California, she currently resides in Maui, Hawaii, on the sacred lands of the Kānaka Maoli; a place that has taught her much about what it means to live in deeper connection with this living earth.

For the past several years, her work has focused on guiding people into deeper relationship with the medicine and power of their own voices. 

Her own ancestral healing path has guided her to initiate an online workshop series called "Songs of Mother Europe", which brings together traditional song carriers from various lineages around Europe. This pilgrimage is a the next step in following her heart's calling to awaken earth and ancestral wisdom.

An excerpt from Lyla June's essay

"Reclaiming our Indigenous European Roots":

But one day, as I sat in the ceremonial house of my mother’s people, a wondrous revelation landed delicately inside of my soul. It sang within me a song I can still hear today. This song was woven from the voices of my European grandmothers and grandfathers. Their songs were made of love.

They sang to me of their life before the witch trials and before the crusades. They spoke to me of a time before serfdoms and before Roman tithes. They spoke to me of a time before the plague; before the Medici; before the guillotine; a time before their people were extinguished or enslaved by dark forces. They spoke to me of a time before the English language existed. A time most of us have forgotten.

These grandmothers and grandfathers set the ancient medicine of Welsh bluestone upon my aching heart. Their chants danced like the flickering light of Tuscan cave-fires. Their joyous laughter echoed on and on like Baltic waves against Scandinavian shores. They blew worlds through my mind like windswept snow over Alpine mountain crests. They showed to me the vast and beautiful world of Indigenous Europe. This precious world can scarcely be found in any literature, but lives quietly within us like a dream we can’t quite remember."

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Through communion with these sacred waters and stones,
may the living reality of earth and ancestral belonging be strengthened within you.

Cost: £3600*


*Ask about payments plans if needed

It may not make sense to the rational mind, but when the heart says "GO!" -- Say YES!
Pastoral Scene
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In Service to Our Remembrance!

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