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What is your relationship to your singing voice?

Do you feel you are able to express confidently and freely? Or do you carry fear, shame or blockage?

This is about more than singing really.

My way of working with people's relationships to their voices is rooted in the knowing that the powerful healing technology of sound can help us to remember the freedom and beauty of who we are.
I believe we can each experience the mystical and  embodied fulfillment of singing in harmony with the song of creation.

Your body is your guide and I will gently help you to reconnect with this innate wisdom. 

Click on any of the options below to learn and sing with me...
(they are also in the drop-down menu under "Song Offerings")

- Birthing Your Wild Voice group course -
starts March 9th
, 2023!

- Song Talismans

- Songs of Mother Europe


"Talking is the voice of human, 
singing is the voice of soul."
~Clarissa Pinkola Estes
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