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Singing & Weaving Retreat

Engage in ancestral craft-making and the joyful opening of your singing voice; held by wild woodlands & open moors

Autumn 2024 dates TBA!

Join us for an inspiring retreat in the wild west of Dartmoor, England! We gather together to create beauty with our hands, and call forth the wild beauty & healing power of our singing voices.


🎶 "It is in the nourishment of simply being together...
Weaving our lives..."  🎶


My name is Hanna Leigh and I am excited to be hosting this retreat for the first time in these beautiful lands!

This is a fun experiment I've been visioning into for the last year...gathering people to sing and craft for several days together to see what MAGIC will transpire!

I am a singer-songwriter, and have been leading community singing circles for around 8 years, as well as supporting women with private singing mentorships for the past 4 years. I love supporting people to deepen into the medicine of their unique singing voices.


Living here in Dartmoor has brought so many rich nutrients into my life - the ancient echoes of these lands inspiring my own path of ancestral remembrance, and awakening an insatiable urge to engage my hands in craft-making!

This Dartmoor Singing & Weaving Retreat has been dreaming through me the last year, guiding me to gather a group of folks to be together in the nourishment of craft-making and utilizing our singing voices as tools for transformation.

Singing and weaving over several days with a small group of amazing humans, eating nourishing local foods....Can you imagine the magic?!?!

the joy of harmonzing together...!

the joy of harmonzing together...!

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At the HEART of our journey is the prayer to reconnect with the power & beauty of our singing voices, reawaken the life-giving creative energy that flows through our hands, and be in the wild joy of our humanness together.

Singing & crafting are such ancient and simple medicines...and when we do this TOGETHER, it makes it all the more potent and nourishing!


 My prayer is that this week will inspire your path, remind you of your natural power, and provide you with rich nourishment to go forward on your path of service!

AND...that we'll have a lot of FUN!

I invite you to come & play and pray with me as we listen to our soul's wild songs, and the songs of this wild land.

If you feel the call, fill out an application at the button below, or send an email if you have any questions!

You can also reach out to me on Instagram: @hannaleighsong

So much magic will transpire within these 6 days and 5 nights together making beauty!

Immerse yourself with a lovely bunch of folks weaving our voices, nourished by rich meals, raw wool and the songs of the river...

You are invited to join us in Dartmoor, England for a unique and nourishing Singing & Weaving Retreat.

Our voices carry the medicine to remind us of our vibrate our bodies in remembrance of our inherent belonging to this Sacred Life.

(Song of the river where we will sing!)

"This retreat opened me into a new phase of my sense of self-allowing. I feel a brand new chapter has opened for me."

- Past Participant, Mark Sunflower

What's Included:

• 4 Crafting workshops, co-led with some of my favorite local craft teachers, including:

Sacred spinning 

- Altar cloth-making 

- Bark & Rush mini basket/pot-making

- Willow bark harvesting & cordage-making

- Deerskin pouch-making 

- Embroidering our wool offering pouches

• Organic, hearty, and local food for all meals 

• Accommodations (either shared rooms, private rooms or 1 private studio available)

• Prayerful walkabouts on the moors to visit and sing with ancient stone beings

• Daily, guided, group singing journeys to birth forth our unique and authentic voices, and to receive songs from the land

• Morning movement and water rituals

• Personal song & dedication ceremony with the fire and river 

Plus more fun & delightful surprises to be revealed...


Screenshot 2024-03-20 at 8.50.16 PM.png

We are blessed to be joined by elder Linda Lemieux, with her decades of basket-making experience, and her knowledge of weaving plants. She will be guiding us through the making of mini, magical bark baskets to hold our intentions, prayers, and special items in our lives.

Screenshot 2024-03-20 at 8.53.44 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-03-20 at 8.59_edited.jpg

We are blessed to be joined by Rosemary Riedel O’Brien of Wild Rose Weaving, who will be teaching us spinning and cloth-making in her deeply poetic and magical way.  

We are blessed to be joined by Elizabeth Crawford of Foraged Futures who is beautifully dedicated to her craft and in deep connection with the land & plants she works with. She will be leading us through preparing Willow bark over an open fire, and creating keepsake bracelets.

Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 11.59.12 PM.png

Dorrie Joy is a prolific artist, ceremonial leader & traditional craftswoman who holds workshops as sacred spaces that centre creativity as an intentional practice of soul mending & belonging. She will be teaching us to embroider our special offering pouches.

Some inspiring words from past participants:

"I truly mean it when I say attending the retreat with Hanna Leigh was life changing. My intention heading into the retreat was to connect with my singing voice, come back home to my body and have fun. I experienced all of that and so much more than I could have ever expected!


The way Hanna Leigh approached singing with myself and the other participants was with such grace, love and joy. I felt her guide each of us into our voice with gentleness yet powerful support. She made singing fun again. She made it approachable and playful. I loved all of the exercises we played in together, the songs we learned and the chanting. She holds such sacred and embodied space with reverence and levity, helping me to feel safe throughout the whole experience. 


I connected to parts of my Self that had been dormant for years, maybe even my whole life. Thanks to this retreat, I now have a daily practice to connect with my voice and it feels incredibly empowering.


On top of all of this, the retreat location, food, and excursions were beyond my wildest dreams. Wherever you are in your journey with your voice, I highly recommend attending a retreat or workshop with Hanna Leigh. You will leave feeling empowered, beautiful and connected to your true nature! "

- April Unterberger 


"I first discovered Hanna Leigh a few years ago through a YouTube video. Her music has served as sacred medicine for my soul. It has been a dream of my heart to sing my song for the world, while not being held up by my doubts and self criticism. When the vocal activation retreat came to me, I felt that this was something I could say a deep YES! to (in a life where often I allowed my fears to say 'no'). I knew it would be an opportunity to surrender into the unknown...deeper into my vulnerabilities.


Hanna Leigh held a nurturing container in which to experiment with fun methods for loosening up (both vocally and in the body as a whole). I felt the joy in allowing myself to have fun being a stumbling beginner (which has been a resistance of mine). Hanna Leigh is an incredibly soft presence whose grace and understanding guided us through fun vocal exercises as well as many new songs. When she sat in the circle with us and made funny faces or sang with us or encouraged us to just experiment with allowing whatever arose in the moment, I felt something of what it means to let one's voice come alive.


One of my highlights of the retreat was a basket weaving workshop. I had never woven a basket before. The whole process was something that I needed to be walked through and helped with. I was a bumbling fool. In the past I would have felt defeated and not good enough, but this workshop allowed me to embrace myself exactly as I was and to have fun with just feeling the feelings.


This retreat opened me into a new phase of my sense of self-allowing. I feel a brand new chapter has opened for me. I look forward to working with Hanna Leigh more in the future. I am excited where this journey goes from here."


- Mark Sunflower

 Pricing & Accommodation Options:

We have the special opportunity of being held by a beautiful private residence and farm in west Dartmoor, surrounded by abundantly flowing waters.

There is LOCALS PRICING available by request for those in need.

Email to inquire!

Bunk Beds in Shared Room:
4 spaces available

Private Room with Shared Bathroom:

3 spaces available

Private Studio with Bathroom:

1 available

**Email us to inquire about payment plan options if needed!

**Photography/videography & housekeeping scholarships available, please inquire with interest!

Please note that airfare and travel are not included, though we will provide detailed directions to those registered.


All meals from arrival to departure, and crafting materials included.

We invite you to come & play and pray with us as we listen to our soul's wild songs, and the songs of this wild land!

If you feel the call , register at the button below, or send an email if you have any questions!

Or reach out to me on Instagram: @hannaleighsong

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