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Maui Yoga &
Vocal Activation Retreat

April 15th - 22nd, 2022

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An 8-day retreat to inspire and rejuvenate your life through singing, yoga, and nature immersion!

Join us for a restorative and inspiring week at a tropical, herbal sanctuary and permaculture farm in Maui. This retreat is an opportunity to immerse yourself in nature, while activating your yoga practice and creative vocal expression. 

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Here on this well-tended, 13-acre permaculture farm, you will learn about sustainable living as you enjoy organic food, grown in rich volcanic soils onsite.

-- Through our singing and yoga practices, you will have the opportunity to release and cleanse, as well as gain much inspiration and nourishment to take forward into your life.

-- Singing is a way of remembering our belonging to this Earth and to each other as human family. When we sing together, the effects are life-giving.

-- We will hike through the bamboo forest to the Seven Sacred Pools, visit private beaches, hike to Maui’s tallest waterfall, practice Thai massage, and study with a local master herbalist.


-- Every participant will receive herbal remedies, bodywork, and cleansing protocols matched to their particular Ayurvedic body type (dosha), learning how to adapt your diet and lifestyle in order to live in greater harmony.


 -- In the spirit of reciprocity and deep gratitude to be able to hold retreats on these sacred lands of Maui, 10% of the proceeds will be circulated forward to support a Hawaiian land restoration project. 

*We often receive the feedback that these retreats are beyond people's expectations!

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What is "Vocal Activation"?

As an African proverb states:

"If you can walk, you can dance.

If you can talk, you can sing."

If you can talk, then your voice has incredible healing potential.

We will activate and explore this potential through various voice exercises.

 Oftentimes many of us have had our creative expression shut down by parental or other important figures in our lives.

Through Hanna Leigh's guidance, we will reconnect with the joy and freedom of our natural voices.

We will develop a deeper, trusting relationship with ourselves through our singing voices and experience the pure enjoyment of lifting our voices together!

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What's Included:

- Transport to and from Kahului airport (2-hour drive)

- Organic, farm-fresh food for all meals

- Yoga and breathwork classes

- Shared accommodations (one private room available)

- Special tour of the permaculture farm where we'll be staying

- Guided singing journeys for vocal activation

- Hawaiian chant introduction

- Outings to Hamoa beach and 7 Sacred Pools (a hike to Maui's tallest waterfall)

- Weave & sing workshop utilizing coconut fronds

- Sauna sessions

Optional add-ons:

- Private acupuncture session

- Thai massage

- Kambo ceremony

And more delightful surprises to be revealed...

or EMAIL with questions
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Meet the Team:

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Ann Averbach has been teaching yoga for 15+ years and is deeply committed to helping others transform their lives through these practices. As the founder of DiviniTree Yoga Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara, her mission is to help build conscious community. Her classes are uplifting, creative, inspiring, and full of wisdom. She lives and breathes yoga and community, and is committed to helping yogis on the path of awakening to live more authentic lives that are in harmony with the earth.

Hanna Leigh is a singer/songwriter, group song leader, and Vocal Embodiment Guide. She is a lover of the emotional and spiritual alchemy that happens through singing, and has a passion for the healing potential of the human voice. Her work guides people to connect with the unique beauty and healing power of their singing voices (whether or not they consider themselves "singers"!). She has co-created two musical albums, created her signature online course called Birthing Your True Voice, and regularly leads community singing circles.


Our amazing Chef, Annabelle Marie, has been catering events and retreats for the past 20 years in Maui and throughout California. She specializes in vibrant farm-to-table, nutrient-dense food, and she accomodates all dietary needs as much as possible, while making delicious meals!



 Accommodation Options:

Option 1:

  • These are shared loft spaces in the main farmhouse

  • Option for two to four beds

  • Shared bathroom

  • Total Retreat Price = $2700 

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Option 1

Options 2 & 3:

  • These are private rooms with 2 or 3 double beds

  • Shared bathroom

  • Total Retreat Price = $2900 or $2800 respectively

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Options 2 & 3

Option 4:

  • This is a private room

  • 1 queen bed 

  • Shared bathroom

  • Price is different for a couple or single person

  • Total price per person for double occupancy = $2,800

  • Single person / private room = $4100

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or EMAIL with questions
or EMAIL with questions
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