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We women have sounds to release and songs to sing! -
New songs, inspired by ancient wisdom, which are meant to be medicine for ourselves and this community of Life.
It's time to tune into this well of goodness and allow ourselves to share and express!

Welcome to...

Discovering the Wild Power of Your Singing Voice:

A workshop to unblock your creative channel and connect you more deeply with the freedom, joy and medicine of your singing voice! 


This workshop is for you if:

● You yearn to connect more deeply with the medicine of your singing voice and experience more freedom of expression

● You are curious about the unexpressed songs and sounds that live within you and perhaps feel some fear and trepidation about letting them out

● You really do love to sing! (though may have some judgements about the sound of your voice)

● You sense that cultivating your connection with your singing voice is an important part of your path in this life

● You know that your voice has power and beauty and haven't known how to release it


What's Included:

● Opening improv prayer song by yours truly

● A guided meditation to tune ourselves to a deeper listening

● Simple toning practice to clear the channel and embody the resonance of our voices

● A guided journey of organic sounding to authentically express the feelings in your body

● Learning a new sacred song and how to bring it through your voice in a more embodied way 

● Live coaching for a few people to support the freedom of the voice 


This workshop is designed to:


● Give you a greater sense of confidence in your singing voice


● Inspire you to bring more singing into your daily life

● Give you a better sense of how to cultivate the medicine of your voice

● Help you feel more freed up around what is possible with your voice and more inner permission to play and experiment 

● Support you in feeling a greater trust in the medicine that you carry

● Guide you to experience how your voice can lead you towards joy and freedom, and be a soothing tool for your nervous system


I invite you to set this time aside as a singing ritual for yourself; a lovingly held space.

You may choose to bring tea, an incense you love, a journal and/or a candle.

Mark it on your calendar!

Give yourself this gift.

Find a space where you feel grounded and completely comfortable to make whatever sounds your body is guiding you to make!

(If that sounds scary, don't worry, I'll guide you through it!)

Greetings to you in this miraculous moment of life!

I'm Hanna Leigh and I am a lover of the mystical magic of healing, sacred sounds.

When I distill down my urge to sing, it is this:


Can you relate?

As a child I grew up singing devotional music in church, and always liked singing.

It wasn't until my late 20s that I actually gave myself permission to acknowledge that singing was a part of my life's purpose, not just something I liked to do as a closet hobby.

Since then I have: co-created two musical albums (with a third one in progress), led dozens of small and large group singing circles in my local communities & at larger festivals, and served musically in plant medicine ceremonies for over 10 years (the plants teach me so much).


I am constantly bringing through simple songs of the moment that help me connect to a deeper truth than the narrative my mind may be telling me! (Highly recommended.)

I am a student of the emotional and spiritual alchemy that happens through our sounds and our songs, and I believe that each of our bodies know the way...

the way to bring forth what is authentic...

the way to sing ourselves into the remembrance of freedom and joy. 

Authenticity is what we're going for here -- that's where the nectar is -- not in seeking to have "pretty" voices according to some external standard!

In the names of Freedom and Joy and Belonging - Let's play!

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