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Birthing Your Wild Voice

Shed old stories around your singing voice
and birth your essence through song & sound

An 8-week activation for women,

facilitated by Hanna Leigh

beginning July 24th, 2023!

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Say YES to the yearning:
A journey into the essence of your voice...

We women have songs to sing! -
new songs, woven with ancient wisdom, which are meant to be medicine for ourselves and this community of Life.

Weaving by Hand

Let's no longer live with the ache

of leaving our voices

untended and undiscovered,

nor the songs of our souls unsung.


Within this container of sisterhood,

we are honoring the fragrance,

the blossoming flower, 

of each woman's unique voice. 

This program is for you if:

You feel ready to say YES to your yearning to connect more deeply with the medicine and magic of your singing voice

● You know that your voice has healing power and beauty and haven't known how to release it

● You yearn to open yourself even more to the wild songs of nature - to channel and receive them more abundantly

You have touched into the pleasure and joy of singing, and desire to build a trusting relationship with the muse and your own song channel.

● You are curious about the unexpressed sounds and songs that live within you (and perhaps feel some fear and trepidation about letting them out)

You desire to discover what is possible through your own voice and how your life will shift in relation to self and others when you become more expressed

● You feel that cultivating your connection with your singing voice is an important part of your path in this life - a key to embodying your essence and walking in your purpose

● You are feeling curious and called to learn songs of your ancestral bloodlines

● You really do love to sing and want to do it more! (though may have some judgments or comparisons around the sound of your voice, or some version of the story that, "I'm not a singer.", or "I don't have a 'good' voice."...OR you may have the story that you are a great technical singer, though feel that you want to connect more with the soul of your voice.)

You actually (and perhaps secretly, even if it really scares you) would like to share your voice more with others 

● You feel that a container of loving support and accountability would really serve this intimate process of opening

In this program you will:


● Shed old stories, fears and blockages around your voice


● Discover new levels of your voice as a source of self-healing & fulfillment, and as a tool of inner alchemy

● Learn to channel and to craft original songs (even if you never have) 

● Gain confidence in the unique medicine of YOUR singing voice, and build a love and devotion for the songs you came to channel and to offer

● Fall in love with the healing power and natural beauty of your voice

● Learn to listen for the songs of the Earth, the Water, the Ancestors, and specific beings of nature

● Develop a supportive personal practice that suits your lifestyle

● Have your voice witnessed and uplifted in sisterhood

● Give permission to the wildness of the voice to be expressed

● Co-create songs in sisterhood

● Anchor into the feeling of being in alignment with the unique resonance of your true voice

● Learn many new songs and how to embody them!


**Updates & Evolutions to share:

This is the 4th iteration of "Birthing Your Wild Voice" (previously called "Birthing Your True Voice") and there are some new elements that I am really excited to weave into this particular offering:

In this season of BYWV, there will be an emphasis on:

Learning songs from the cultures of our own blood lineages

Creating regular and intentional time in wild nature to bring through the songs of the earth, elements, and other-than-human kin

Each woman creating/bringing through a whole new bundle of original songs (getting into the practice of prolific creative expression, and out of self-judging stories of "good" or "not good")

The sharing of our simple original songs in our group thread (leaning into any edges of vulnerability and being witnessed and received in the unfurling)

Carrying out ritual homework with the land and earthen objects, created to support you in courting the muse and entering the liminal realms where magical songs like to live...and also exploring ways to utilize the voice to create a deeper sense of well-being and belonging to earth and ancestry

The invitation to be in relation to your beloved plant/fungi teachers and receive their support in this process of opening


What's Included

 Weekly group-mentorship calls - 2 hours

 One 1:1 mentorship call w/ Hanna Leigh 

● 1 Personal Invocation Ceremony 

● Weekly Vocal Opening Invitations and support for creating your personal practice

● Water, Earth and Plant Spirit rituals for song-receiving


Private sharing platform to strengthen our web of support and witnessing


 Bonus monthly small-group workshops with medicine musician sisters




Early-Bird Pricing

PAY-IN-FULL: $1650

PAYMENT PLAN: 4 payments of $425

Regular Price:$1850

or 4 payments of $465


What Women Are Saying:

I am grateful for every moment spent singing with this woman! Singing with Hanna Leigh is like swimming down into the body, opening the channels, and letting song pour out. It's finding the places in me that are tender and stuck and massaging them with sound. It's hearing glimpses of my true voice interwoven with stories, conditioning, and fears, and allowing space to untangle all the threads so my voice can fly free! It's deeply personal and at the same time longing to be witnessed. Hanna has such medicine in guiding this process." 

Jessica Eggleston, Horse Whisperer @ Lead Mare Collective

I fully enjoyed the safe container that Hanna Leigh created for me to express my voice and awaken my inner song. 

I have always loved to sing but with that came a fear of singing aloud for others. This was one of my main things I wanted to bust through during this mentorship, and I’m happy to report that my confidence in my voice has skyrocketed. I now share my voice and my songs with no hesitation. 

The healing power of the frequency and vibration of our own voice is untapped potential for many, and now, thanks to this mentorship, its a powerful tool that I use every day. 

Hanna Leigh is genuine and heart-led. I felt incredibly safe and held the entire time. She encouraged me and got me out of my comfort zone. She’s also funny and was a complete joy to get to know. I loved the entire process so much that after the first round of mentorship, I immediately signed up another round! 

Thank you thank you thank you!"


Mary Grace, OBM

I'm so grateful for all that came through in the singing mentorship with Hanna Leigh. I see how I’ve grown in my singing voice and the courage to share songs with others, as well as the capacity to hear songs in nature and the increased awareness of how to send vibration through my body as a healing force. This experience was truly more than I could have imagined.”


Kara Morton, Massage Therapist and Acupuncturist, CA

I never know what to expect when I join a call with Hanna Leigh, but by the end I feel more integrated, aligned, out of my head and in my body. I leave our time together feeling energized and grateful for life and the beautiful technology of music!”


Catheryne Harsh, Author and Poet

Since working with you I have experienced a beautiful opening in my voice. I have noticed that without putting any pressure upon myself, I am weaving the portals of my yoni and throat chakra with divine grace. This is exactly what I longed for before working together. I see how it has also impacted me placing pleasure as my priority amongst all other things.

I can now clearly see that when I'm singing, I am in my happy heart.  However, if I haven't sang I literally feel constricted inside.

I have a stronger desire to sing daily and I am bringing my love for singing into my daily activities especially in prayer. Thank you so so much for working with me. It brings me great joy sharing you with my clients and other people I know who can benefit from your services."

Natalie Kwait, Intuitive Healer and Empowerment Coach

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Greetings to you in this precious moment of Life as you read these words.


I'm Hanna Leigh and I am honored to be your guide and fellow student on this path of healing sound.

I believe that our own voices are an immensely untapped resource for personal and collective transformation. We need this built-in tool now more than ever, so that we may regulate our own nervous systems and literally sing our visions for personal and collective healing into being!


On my path of having tried dozens of different healing modalities throughout the past 15 years, singing is something that always calls me back home.

My voice is a built-in metric for where I am open and where I am blocked...

and she can gently navigate me to a place of more openness,

with so much loving presence.

When I distill down my desire to sing, it is this:



Can you relate?

As a child I grew up singing devotional music in church, and always liked singing.

It wasn't until my late 20s that I actually gave myself permission to acknowledge that singing was a part of my life's purpose, not just something I liked to do as a closet hobby (in the car or in the shower!).

Since then I have:

- Co-created two musical albums (working on a third!),

- Led dozens of group singing circles in my local communities, online & at larger festivals,

- Served musically in plant medicine ceremonies for 10+ years

- Become a mentor for other folks who yearn to open their singing voices

I am constantly bringing through simple songs of the moment that help me connect to a deeper truth than the narrative my mind may be telling me. (Highly recommended!)

I am a student of the emotional and spiritual alchemy that happens through our sounds and our songs, and I believe that each of our bodies know the way...

the way to bring forth what is authentic...

the way to sing ourselves into the remembrance of freedom and joy and belonging to this living earth. 

Authenticity is what we're going for here - that's where the nectar is - not in seeking to have "pretty" voices according to some external standard!

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My prayer for this course is that by investing yourself in this way, you will experience a creative rebirth, and a deepening intimacy with yourself and the earth. My prayer is that you will come to know and trust the medicine of your voice more deeply, and have the courage to share this with the world in whichever ways you are inspired to do so.

So, in the spirit of freedom, joy and belonging, let's journey together!

P.S. If you haven't yet heard my music, you can listen HERE. Enjoy!

Below are video testimonials from participants
Kate Levinson and Sofia Fluorescent
from our 2021 BYTV course:

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