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Community Song Circle Series!
Stay tuned for Winter/Spring 2022

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I'm excited to again be offering this opportunity for you to bring the joy of singing into your weekly rhythm.

(Leading song circles is one of my greatest joys!)

We'll gather via Zoom on:

Dates TBA

Our circles will last approximately 75 min.

ALL ages and levels welcome!

Silly songs, sassy songs, sacred songs...all for the joy and nourishment of singing ourselves open to life together.

$100 for the series,

or $88 if registered by TBA


**As these are intended to be all-inclusive community singing gatherings, feel free to reach out if finances are an obstacle and you’d like to join!

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Song Circle Sign-Up:

Series Fee:


or $88 by TBA

Looking forward to singing with you all!

What Folks Are Sayin':

"Hanna is a spirited songstress who leads with passion and excitement. She weaves in deep healing intention as well as playful fun into her songs, providing a sacred space for joining voices and hearts together. Thanks for this beautiful experience. I loved spending time really learning songs and repeating them from week to week."   -Sarah Adams

"These weekly gatherings have richly infused my days with such tender magic. It has been so nourishing to connect through song in this way, and to make time to come in and sing our hearts! Hanna truly has a gift for guiding and bringing these circles to life. Each circle is so full of the sweetest harmonies, and blessed with invitations and space to go deeper into whatever is moving through our bodies and spirits. I have found even more play and creativity in my life and am so grateful and full in my heart for this time to gather and sing."  -Savannah Sapodin

"Song circles with Hanna are deeply spiritual, grounded, and uplifting. She teaches each song with patience and careful attention to melody and rhythm detail, which I really appreciate. She guides us to sing each song for a long enough time that it really sinks into our bones and is ingrained in our hearts, as well as providing opportunity to turn off the brain and just be in the flow of it.

She brings a playful & silly energy that makes me feel welcome and keeps it fun. Sunday song circles with her and the group feel like going to church, in the best way, and I've been surprised at how many of the feelings of gathering and singing in person translate to Zoom. It's been really cool to sing and connect with people all over the world."  -Aleta Pierce

"Thank you so much for the beauty-filled song circles! They always uplifted by spirit! And goodness, the vibration you carried through with some of the songs was immensely beautiful to experience and presence! The song selection was really sweet, and I appreciated reviewing the songs the following week as well. I loved all the playful spirit too, and the invitation for our little ones to have fun and play around! So fun!!!" -Athena Catherine

"Feeling so grateful to share songs on Sundays with you. I’ve been singing the elements song at my altar in the morning and it is supporting my practice of balance. 

The song circles have literally helped me get out of bed on rainy, sleepy Sundays and have energized my connection to my spirit that ripple through my day." -Kara Morton

"Hanna’s Song Circles offer the great qualities of play, pleasure and spiritual & earth reverence. In my experience she is attuned to the medicine the group is needing, and provides a space where all feel welcome to sing, dance, cry, play, and be witnessed in love. I have found great solace in these circles and delightfully recommend anyone to join in this beautiful community of song and be nourished.

Hanna takes measure to offer the lyrics and melodies in ways that I can easily learn and continue to sing with myself in the week between the circles. I have been teaching my community some of the songs and they are weaving moments of beauty and reverence into my life week after week. Thank you Hanna for bringing this joy and medicine into my life." -Mahina Gardiner

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