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Holistic Doula Care

I trust in the wisdom of women's bodies, and I trust in the design of who each mother and child calls in to be a part of their birth team/welcoming committee. I see my role as a doula to help to tend the birthing field through song, prayer, and practical acts (such as keeping everyone fed and hydrated). As a newer doula, I come humble to learn.

Holistic Postpartum Care

Having studied with Rachelle Garcia Seliga from INNATE Traditions, it is my honor to offer warm and nurturing support during the postpartum time. Traditional cultural practices from around the world recognized the vital importance of the postpartum time in order to create a foundation of healthy, thriving life for mother, baby and family.

Postpartum care is not a luxury. Creating this foundation of health is a necessity. 

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Mama Care Package: $675
-Three Visits, (12 hours of Postpartum Care) including:
-One nourishing (Ayurvedic-inspired) organic meal and tea per visit,  Warm Oil Massage, Sitz Bath and/or Yoni Steams made with local herbs, home-tending, "Closing-the-Bones" Ceremony
*Additional travel fee of $25/visit may apply.
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