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Join me for a year-end Kundalini class on

Thursday, December 31st at 6am PST. (It's early!)

We will be utilizing the technology of Kundalini yoga, and our personal and shared intentions, to consciously clear the past and make space for newness.

**This class is not for beginners (i.e. folks brand new to kundalini yoga), as we will be doing a somewhat challenging 31 minute meditation with repetitive arm movements.


Flow of the class:

-Opening prayers, instruction and intention-setting

-Spinal warm-up series and self-massage

-31-minute meditation to clear past karmas


-More songs and closing mantra

-(Optional) Group sharing 

How to prepare:

-Wear comfortabe clothing and be in a quiet space

-Make three handwritten lists:

   1) The most challenging aspects of 2020, including wrongs you may have caused to others, and wrongs you feel that others have caused to you.

   2) The qualities you appreciate about yourself (these aren't about doing but about being)

   3) The qualities you are choosing to cultivate going forward. 

Join us for this community kundalini class and utilize the half hour of active meditation to consciously wash away any debris that may be in your field from 2020. 

Then, fill yourself with nourishing song and energy to resource you for what's to come.

Class Registration

Class Fee: $22

Zoom link will be sent out prior to class.

Looking forward to meditating with you and honoring the past to make space for the newness!

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