Scotland Equinox Pilgrimage

Deepen your connection with the ancestral lands,

and listen to her songs

September 10th - 23rd, 2022

Have you felt the call to explore the beauty and mystery of these sacred lands? 

To commune with the ancient stones and healing waters?

To listen to the songs that are floating on the wind?

Have you felt guided to make a pilgrimage to connect more deeply with your ancestral roots?

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Join Hanna Leigh and Ryan McKenna on a sacred pilgrimage through some of the most enigmatic, sacred sites of Scotland.


We will adventure to gorgeous landscapes that are steeped in thousands of years of history, folklore, and mythology.


As we journey together we will pray with the ancestors, sing with the nature spirits, dance with the faeries, and connect with the land in deep prayer, reverence and celebration!


This Fall Equinox, Scotland awaits…..

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What's Included:

13 nights accommodation

⇻ 2 healthy meals per day, plus snacks provided

⇻ Transportation around Scotland

⇻ Daily yoga, qigong and movement classes

⇻ Daily guided tours with local history, mythology and folklore

⇻ 3-day trip to the Isle of Lewis with ferry crossing

⇻ 2-day trip to the island of Iona 

⇻ Equinox Ceremony

⇻ Trip to Culloden battlefield Jacobite War memorial

⇻ City of Edinburgh Tour – World Heritage site

⇻ Roslyn Chapel Tour

⇻ Glen Lyon & Fionns Rock adventure

Visiting the ancient Yew Tree at Fortingall

⇻ Schiehallion summit hike - Fairy crystal mountain

⇻ Glen Coe & Hidden valley hike

⇻ Kilmartin Glen – ancient megalithic ruins

⇻ Loch Tay & Highland Perthshire tour

⇻ Caledonian forest hiking trail

Not Included:

Airfare to Scotland

Extra restaurant meals if desired

COST: $4200

Early Bird $3800 available until July 15th

~Optional Accomodation upgrade~

$4500 Reg. or $4100 Early Bird

**3-month Payment Plans available upon request

Discover the true beauty and magic of these holy lands.

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Our Guides:

Born and raised in Scotland, Ryan McKenna is a modern-day Celtic Warrior Druid who embodies ancient knowledge and wisdom, which he weaves with modernized teachings and techniques to nourish the mind, body and soul.

Since 2017 Ryan has been leading healing retreats in Costa Rica, and in 2018 created the first Sacred Scotland Tour. Ryan’s tours weave together mythology, cosmology, astrology and folklore to offer you a mystical experience of Scotland like no other! 

Enjoy Ryan’s Celtic playlist HERE.

Follow Ryan on Instagram  @theshamanicleprechaun.

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Hanna Leigh music

Hanna Leigh is a Singer-Songwriter, Doula, Vocal Embodiment Guide, and Devotee of this precious living Earth. Raised in California, she currently resides in Maui, Hawaii, on the sacred lands of the Kānaka Maoli

She has been guiding people into deeper relationship with the medicine and power of their own voices for many years, including holding in-person retreats, and loves to gather people together for magical nature adventures that include a lot of singing!

Registration closes May 4th.

**Payment Plans available on registration page

An excerpt from Lyla June's essay

"Reclaiming our Indigenous European Roots":

But one day, as I sat in the ceremonial house of my mother’s people, a wondrous revelation landed delicately inside of my soul. It sang within me a song I can still hear today. This song was woven from the voices of my European grandmothers and grandfathers. Their songs were made of love.

They sang to me of their life before the witch trials and before the crusades. They spoke to me of a time before serfdoms and before Roman tithes. They spoke to me of a time before the plague; before the Medici; before the guillotine; a time before their people were extinguished or enslaved by dark forces. They spoke to me of a time before the English language existed. A time most of us have forgotten.

These grandmothers and grandfathers set the ancient medicine of Welsh bluestone upon my aching heart. Their chants danced like the flickering light of Tuscan cave-fires. Their joyous laughter echoed on and on like Baltic waves against Scandinavian shores. They blew worlds through my mind like windswept snow over Alpine mountain crests. They showed to me the vast and beautiful world of Indigenous Europe. This precious world can scarcely be found in any literature, but lives quietly within us like a dream we can’t quite remember."

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Through communion with these sacred waters and stones,
may the living reality of earth and ancestral belonging be strengthened within you.

April 28th  

Yodeling - the Ancient Song of the Alps

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Amélie Mehru is a singer-songwriter from Germany who found parts of her musical roots in yodeling and in collaborative vocal improvisation. After working as a psychologist and mindfulness teacher trying to improve people’s mental health in an unhealthy system, it was the voice that called her to a different life. For her, voice is an expression of soul, and song a way to connect with the ancestors. She‘s also a permaculturist, passionate about learning how to live in harmony with nature again and taking people on that journey of reconnection. Together with her partner she’s been traveling the past years, exploring the sound of different landscapes, giving courses and retreats while coming closer to her roots. She‘s happiest when improvising with other musicians in healing spaces and when she supports people to find the joy of their own voices.

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"Our songs travel the earth.
We sing to one another.
Not a single note is ever lost and no song is original.
They all come from the same place and go back to a time when only the stones howled."
- Louise Erdrich
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COST: $275
**Payment Plans available on registration page
Registration closes May 4th.

Q: Will the calls be recorded?
A: Yes. They will be recorded and put into our Google Drive folder for viewing within a few hours after each workshop.
Q: Will I have "lifetime access" to the calls?
A: You will have access to the recordings for up to one year, and possibly longer.
Q: Do I need to have prior singing experience?
A: No, this is not necessary
Q: Will I be made to sing in front of others?
A: No. There will be a Q & A time during each call, though no one will be "put on the spot".

Pastoral Scene
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In Service to Our Remembrance!